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Call Me
Old School (Bridging Generational Widsom)

Bridging Generational Wisdom with Aaron “AB” Brown, Miguel Global, and Neyda Orozco

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“Call Me Old School” Podcast: Bridging Generational Wisdom with AB, Miguel Global, and Neyda Orozco

Explore nostalgia and wisdom with the “Call Me Old School” podcast, hosted by AB from “Smokin and Grillin with AB,” flavor enthusiast Miguel Global from Instagram’s “He’s Got Flavor,” and the vibrant Neyda Orozco. This lively show bridges generational wisdom by merging past recollections with present insights, celebrating traditional values while embracing new perspectives in today’s ever-changing world.

AB’s charisma and culinary expertise, paired with Miguel Global’s zest for flavor and culture, set the stage. Neyda Orozco adds a fresh Californian viewpoint, making her a captivating addition. Together, they weave life stories and diverse experiences, blending nostalgia, humor, and wisdom to transport listeners to simpler times while providing a platform for today’s youth.

“Call Me Old School” aims to bridge generational gaps, discussing topics from tech to relationships, and fostering genuine conversations. The podcast preserves past wisdom, offering inclusivity for old-school enthusiasts and modern-day thinkers alike, creating a space where generations learn from each other.

Amidst a city of change, “Call Me Old School” stands for timeless L.A. vibes. With AB, Miguel Global, and Neyda Orozco at the helm, this podcast promises a captivating journey across the past, present, and future. Tune in and join the conversation, embracing old-school values while adapting to new perspectives for growth in our ever-evolving world.


Coming Soon

Call Me
Old School

Podcast with Aaron “AB” Brown coming to every platform soon!

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